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I Love the stories. The wolf, shark and knight are just a little too scary for me! (Sound of knees knocking)

Thanks - really enjoyed reading these - they are just as good as the Magic Key stories. I especially liked the idea of a magic pen, almost like you can start writing and let your imagination take you somewhere else!
Well done!

Excellent stories and some great ideas. Well done to all the children and thank you for sharing them with people.

Excellent work Year 1&2 - I will show your work to my Year 3&4's to show them how clever and imaginative you are.

What a wonderful selection of stories, you must have worked so hard! Well done and thank you for sharing!

Great stories you are obviously all great writers. Have you tried adding sound to make them talking books? I have worked with children using 2 Create A story and Activ primary to create books but yours stories are particularly good. The animation is much better with 2CASS too! If you want to share some books other children look at

What great stories! You must have all worked really hard to write them. I loved all the different characters and the way you used the speech bubbles so I knew what they were saying. Well done everyone!

I'm sorry, did I get lost? Mr Haughton said these stories were written by Year 1 and 2, but they are far too good for children THAT young!
I am very impressed with your stories. I love the sharks and witches!
When I use 2CASS with my class in September, can I come to you for some help?
Keep up the good work, Ian Addison

Wow these stories arefantastic!!!! I'll be showing them to my year 3class - I bet they would love to leave some comments too!!Keep up the fantastic work!

Wow!! What fantastic stories! I'm going to show the children at Heathfield Primary School these! They will love Reading them! Thanks for sharing them.

Mr Mitchell

What brilliant stories! The sharks frightened me. I hope none are in my goldfish pond!
Keep writing great stories.

Great imaginative stories. Well done year 1/2. You have clearly put a lot of work into these. Sharks, witches and wolves ooh - I am glad they came back safely. I like happy endings.

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